The Future

I want to thank everyone who has supported this mission of mine.  For many years I had this  idea to have a therapy office devoted to serving people with their drug addictions and trauma.  This would be a place where people would feel safe and comfortable.  I wanted people to feel as if they were cared for.   It has been a wild 10 months since I "hung a shingle" and called this place my own.  Since this time I have had a the pleasure of working with over 100 clients.  I have developed therapeutic support groups for people struggling with addiction issues, formed several mediation groups and hosted supervision meetings for providers. We are in the process of developing a Co-Dependency Group for family members of people who suffer with addiction.  This humble little office has surpassed my dreams and expectations.  As I grow I would love to hear the needs of the community.  If you are in need of support please do not hesitate to call, 774-222-3196.