February 2018

Well, it has been awhile!! I know, I know, so many people have asked why I have not sent out any newsletters.  Well, I had nothing to say…..just kidding, Hello, I ALWAYS have something to say. 

I have been reflecting, refocusing, and buying a building.  Wait, what? Yes, buying a building.  So as of Monday, I own our office. In less then 45 minutes, all my life savings and a bucket full of tears, I have signed my name to a shameless amount of eco-deficient repetitive papers to double my office space! YAY for the American way! Anyhoo, come Mid-March (total wishful thinking) but probably closer to April we will have the upstairs unit also! What does that mean? Well, that means I am moving upstairs.  Yes, if I am your therapist, my office will be upstairs. Unless of course, stairs are an issue then I will see you downstairs because we own it all!

Around this time, we will also have the energetic and vibrant Kat Furmin LICSW who will be working with teenagers.  Kat comes from a background of medical social work and residential care.  Already she has proven herself a dedicated worker and committed to the process of social support and assistance.  Kat is a much-needed asset to this office.  We are so happy to expand our services to the youth.  Please welcome her to the office! We are beyond excited to have her.

We also cannot leave out Katherine Fernandes, LMHC! Katherine joined our office a few short months ago accepting clients on Fridays and Saturdays.  She was welcomed with a waiting list of 6 people and did not hesitate to jump right in.  Her hope is to increase her hours to full time status and she is well on her way! She works with adults struggling with depression, anxiety, and relationship issues.  

We are continuing to offer individual, couple and family counseling.  We also have a Woman’s Relapse Support Meeting that is every Thursday at 7pm.  This meeting focusing around relapse prevention and meditation skills.  It is a great meeting for anyone new to recovery!

So, a little bit of housekeeping, we will be painting, cleaning, prepping, and primping the next couple of months.  Please be patient as we undergo a facelift, We will also role out a new name and an updated website for a more cohesive presentation and look. 

Thank you for all the continued support.  We are so happy to serve and bond with our wonderful supporters! You are all an inspiration to us.