Individual Therapy

Individual therapy consists of one on one therapeutic assessments and/or meetings for a variety of mental health reasons.  Therapy is conducted in a strengthens based model focusing a brief solution based techniques. This relationship starts with assessment and goal settings.  There is a clear purpose for the meetings and defined goals which is mutually accepted by both parties.  Therapy is also about the therapist/client relationships and rapor.  Not every therapist is a good fit for every client, despite the therapist's education and credentials.  This is OK.  It is important to find someone that you are comfortable be open and vulnerable to the process of investigating your emotional needs.  

Family Therapy

Family therapy is conducted to assist family members improve communication and resolve conflicts. Family therapy is based on family systems theory, which understands the family to be a living organism that is more than the sum of its individual members. Family therapy uses "systems" theory to evaluate family members in terms of their position or role within the system as a whole. Problems are treated by changing the way the system works rather than trying to "fix" a specific member. Family systems theory is based on several major conceptamily therapy is often short term and can include any part of the family dynamic.  Family therapy sessions can teach you skills to deepen family connections and get through stressful times, even after the family has completed therapy sessions.  

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a essential and productive model of therapy for many diagnosis, from Addiction to Depression.  There is something profound when we develop a supportive network of people with similar goals that can help support and educate clients to promote change.  Clients have the unique opportunity to grow from each others' failures and successes.  Group therapy allows the client to be part of others healing process, which becomes a installation of strength for self.  

All groups for Addiction focus on Strengthens based Recovery Model directed to, psycho educational support, and relapse prevention.  Groups are offered for a variety of diagnosis.  Substance abuse support, ADD/ADHD support, complex women's support, grief support are some of the groups offered.  

Intervention Services

Providing the community with an outpatient service to prepare families and prospective client to triage properly into a Medical Detoxification program. This process is a respectful collaboration, not a confrontation.  This is not about pointing the finger and shaming people but trying to understand how everyone can grow and change. When someone struggles with addiction, he/she is not the only one in pain. Often times there are many other people involved in the web of pain from addiction.  Whether people participate in covering up the addiction or confronting the addiction everyone becomes a victim.  Often times families do not know how to break this cycle. A intervention helps families understand their resources for help and understand their behaviors in this situation. A team of specialist work with the families to educate and assist to help change the cycle of addition.  Family members can start to develop a support team to promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone.  Due to the individual nature of this service,  prices and terms of this agreement will be negotiated based on situation.  Please contact for a free phone consultation.